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Multi-generational Regenerative Farm

White Oak Pastures

White Oak Pastures

Multi-generational Regenerative Farm

Born and raised at White Oak Pastures, Will Harris practiced industrial agriculture for many years before becoming disillusioned. In 1995 he decided to transition to "radically traditional" farming. Today, he, two of his daughters and a team of over 100 strong are raising cattle, sheep, goats, hogs, poultry and rabbits using only sun, soil and rain to grow grasses for the animals to eat. Using regenerative land management, they rotate complimentary animal species side-by-side through the carbon-rich pastures. White Oak Pastures is a Savory Hub.

Soil Centric's Pro Tip

White Oak Pastures offers a 12-week paid Farm Internship/Apprenticeship Program. Offered four times per year, their vision is to teach you a holistic approach to agriculture, animal husbandry, and land restoration. Housing is available on the farm. Before you sign up, Will Harris wants you to realize that Bluffton, GA a very rural community many miles from coffee shops and yoga studios.

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