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Soil Centric's Mission

Soil Centric illuminates the opportunities, resources, and pathways for widespread participation in the creation of a resilient and abundant future. Our mission is to get people with varying backgrounds and skill sets launched on their path to regeneration. Join us!

The Soil Centric Team

Soil Centric’s team has extensive knowledge of the soil and climate landscape, a proven record of bridging disparate sectors, and a demonstrated ability to forecast trends. We have active relationships across the globe with stakeholders in the sector, including nonprofits, farmers, ranchers, agencies, funders, and non-traditional partners.

Diana Donlon

Diana Donlon is Co-Founder and Executive Director of Soil Centric. A soil and climate advocate, she has a proven history of creating widespread awareness about the importance of healthy soil to climate stability at the local, national and international level. Prior to founding Soil Centric, Diana was the director of the Center for Food Safety' Soil Solution's program. Soil Solutions to Climate Problems, a short film she conceived of and produced, was screened during the Paris Climate Conference (COP21) in December 2015. The piece created an aesthetic that has been widely emulated, and its animated footage has been incorporated into several films including "Evolution of Organic" and "Kiss the Ground." Diana is a skilled public speaker, excels at identifying trends, and brings a depth of social and intellectual capital to the soil and climate movement. She experiences the power of regeneration every day in her orchard.

Kyle Lawson

Kyle Lawson is Co-Founder and Technical and Creative Director of Soil Centric. He was previously Director of Design and Marketing at Sight Machine, a manufacturing analytics platform. His life changed when he read Kristin Ohlson’s book The Soil Will Save Us and decided he had to get involved in regeneration. As a millennial deeply concerned about climate, he has first-hand knowledge of the need for Soil Centric’s Pathfinder Tool. Kyle now holds his Basic Level 1 certification in sheep shearing and is actively testing other regenerative resources on the Pathfinder. In addition to Soil Centric, he is a member of Sunrise Movement's SF Bay Area Hub and 10th Floor Studios, a group focused on regenerative conceptual product design and art installations.

Jennifer Morehouse

Jennifer Morehouse directs Soil Centric's partnerships. A food industry veteran, Jennifer started her career at the Food Marketing Institute in Washington DC, where she had a first-hand view of key issues and policies impacting the industry. She then moved over to the CPG side and has spent over fifteen years in brand management, building strong businesses for leading brands. Always interested in applying her experience to address the climate crisis, the pieces of the puzzle came together for her after reading Drawdown and Growing A Revolution by David Montgomery. She knew that regenerative agriculture was where she wanted to be - helping build resilience into the food system and communities from the ground up. In addition to helping more people find their regenerative path with Soil Centric, she is now actively working to apply soil health principles in her own backyard.

Thank You to Our 2021 Supporters

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