Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the site for?

Soil Centric is for anyone who wants to take positive action on the climate front by getting involved with regenerative agriculture and could benefit from guidance! This includes everyone from farmers, ranchers, and land stewards who are interested in learning about how they can transition to regenerative agriculture, to young people who are looking to get involved with regeneration but don’t know how to apply their skills. It also includes parents who want to create a more stable future for their children and retirees who have both time and skills but don’t know who would welcome their contribution. The bottom line is we need all ages and backgrounds to create a stable climate future. If we create the conditions to help Nature, she’ll regenerate.

How do you decide who to feature on your site?

We feature projects in the regenerative space that we know about first-hand or have been recommended by one of our trusted partners. We’re adding new organizations and initiatives all the time, so please check back often.

May I make a recommendation of a regenerative organization or initiative to feature?

Sure, please fill out this form.

Is this a job placement site?

We're not a job placement site. However, many of the groups and initiatives we feature are occasionally looking for qualified people and will post opportunities on their respective sites. For job opportunities, we recommend Regen Farming NewsEager FarmerEco Farm, Good Food Jobs, and the Farm-Based Education Network. For opportunities in Canada, please check Dalhousie University.

Who designed Soil Centric's awesome logo? 

It was designed by Farm Run, a creative studio in Vermont.

How is Soil Centric funded?

Soil Centric is a for-impact, not-for-profit organization and most of our operating funds come from individuals like you. If you believe in our mission to connect you to climate solutions grounded in regenerative agriculture and ecosystems restoration please consider making a donation to support our work. We are a lean organization and every donation, no matter the size, is appreciated. 

Have a question for us?

We love feedback. Get in touch.