Regenerative Action Ambassador Program

Abby B

Abby is an environmental science and agriculture student at the University of Vermont with an acute concern for the climate crisis and a passion for studying food systems. She has worked on several farms focusing on soil health, horticulture, food equity, and has fallen in love with farming's cyclic nature. As a Soil Centric ambassador, Abby aims to explore what it means to practice regenerative agriculture in her community and beyond.

Ben V

Ben is an outdoor enthusiast with a degree in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Barbara. He has worked seasonally guiding whitewater rafting trips and is passionate about agroecology. Ben's goal is to launch a permaculture education center focused on empowering individuals who have faced adversity.

Gianna B

Gianna is a cultural anthropologist who is part of the Patagonia store's team in San Francisco. Volunteer work at Alemany Farms, the city's largest urban farming community, and a subsequent internship with Patagonia Provisions confirmed for her that wants to take part in the "radically hopeful interspecies future that regenerative agriculture promises.

Haley S

Haley is a Science-Business and Entrepreneurship graduate from Notre Dame University working as a Technology Consultant. Her interest in biology and agriculture led her to regenerative agriculture. Haley loves gardening and wants to learn more about organic, regenerative farming by being a Regenerative Action Ambassador.

Jennifer R

With 12 years of farming experience under her belt, Jennifer is joining Soil Centric's Ambassador program to deepen her understanding of regenerative agriculture. She's excited to meet experts in the field and collaborate with like-minded individuals to learn more about ecosystem restoration.

Megan W

Megan is a Supply Chain professional with a degree from the University of Washington and a passion for Regenerative Agriculture. She's currently pursuing certification as a lab tech with Dr. Elaine's Soil Food Web School and is eager to share her self-professed obsession for Regenerative Agriculture with her community in Central Washington.


Learn from RAA Speakers

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Join Us in 2024

Our 2024 RAA cohort application is now open! Join and become part of a community of on-the-ground leaders who are shaping the future of our planet through regenerative agriculture and ecosystem restoration.Ā 

Watch the 2023 RAA informational webinar here

RA Ambassadors are:Ā 

  • Excited to share with their peers programs and opportunities that Soil Centric is highlighting
  • Eager to connect with an online-community of leaders taking regenerative climate action
  • Connectors who love to build relationships with people in both the real and digital world

As an Ambassador you will:

  • Participate in monthly AmbassadorĀ meetings expanding your network while learning from regenerative experts
  • Grow the Soil Centric community by signing up new users on the Soil Centric AppĀ 
  • Uncover new opportunities to heal the land and share them with the Soil Centric community
  • Author occasional social media posts about regenerative agriculture or ecosystem restorationĀ happening in your community

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What will I gain from becoming a Regenerative Action Ambassador?Ā 

  • Exposure to opportunities in regenerative agriculture and ecosystem restoration through virtual presentations and discussions with incredible experts
  • Access to a community of like-minded action-oriented people
  • One free climate coaching session with a Soil Centric Coach
  • The opportunity to shape the RAA Program as it grows
  • Stickers šŸ™ƒ

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About Soil Centric

At Soil Centric we illuminate opportunities, resources, and pathways for widespread participation in the creation of a resilient and abundant future. No matter your background or skill set our mission is to get you launched on your path to regeneration.

We believe people want to engage on the climate front, but don't know how to translate this desire to help into meaningful action. At Soil Centric we look for the people and the organizations healing the earth via regenerative agriculture and ecosystem restoration, and connect you with them.