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About the Founders

Soil Centric’s team has extensive knowledge of the soil and climate landscape, a proven record of bridging disparate sectors, and a demonstrated ability to forecast trends. We have active relationships across the globe with stakeholders in the sector, including nonprofits, farmers, ranchers, agencies, funders, and non-traditional partners.

Diana Donlon

The founder of Center for Food Safety’s Soil Solutions program, Diana Donlon has a proven history of creating widespread awareness about the importance of healthy soil to climate stability at the local, national and international level. Soil Solutions to Climate Problems, a short film she conceived of and produced, was screened during COP21 (the Paris Climate Conference), in December 2015. Soil Solutions created an aesthetic that has been widely emulated, and its animated footage has been incorporated into two feature-length documentary films. Diana, a skilled public speaker, excels at identifying trends, and she brings a depth of social and intellectual capital to the soil and climate movement. She has degrees from UC Berkeley and the Harvard Graduate School of Education and served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco.

Kyle Lawson

Kyle Lawson was until recently Director of Design and Marketing at Sight Machine, a manufacturing analytics platform. His life changed when he read Kristin Ohlson’s book The Soil Will Save Us and decided he had to get involved in regeneration. He didn’t know how, until he happened to meet Diana at a podcasting workshop. As a millennial deeply concerned about climate, he has first-hand knowledge of the need for Soil Centric’s platform.

Speaking at Climate One