• Alice Waters

    Executive Chef, Founder & Owner, Chez Panisse

  • Cole Bush

    Founder & Owner Operator, Shepherdess Land and Livestock Co.

  • Christine Su

    Pasture Map, Co-Founder

  • John D. Liu

    Founder, Ecosystem Restoration Camps Network

  • Judith D. Schwartz

    Author, “Cows Save the Planet”, “Water in Plain Sight”, & "The Reindeer Chronicles"

  • Julie F. Morris

    Rancher, Morris Grassfed,
    San Juan Bautista, California

  • Kiley Clark

    Farmer, Photographer

  • Kristin Ohlson

    Author, “The Soil Will Save Us” & "Sweet In Tooth And Claw"

  • Malaika Vaz

    Co-founder and CEO - Untamed Planet
    Director/Producer and Host
    National Geographic Explorer

  • Precious Phiri

    Earth Wisdom Community Organizing & Training

  • Rebecca Ryals, Ph.D.

    Assistant professor, Agroecology, University of California, Merced