How to use our site

Our users are people just like you – people who have heard of regeneration’s global potential, want to take meaningful climate action, and are looking for ways to apply their energies and skills.

Our goal is to help you find your path and connect with others doing this important work. Think of Soil Centric like a living mycelial network, one that is helping to grow a global movement of regenerators healing our Earth.

1. Explore all kinds of opportunities

Start by exploring our interactive Pathfinder App. It’s web-based (so you don’t need to download anything) and loaded with over 500 regenerative opportunities, resources and organizations. You can search the App using a variety of terms grouped by:

You can also search opportunities by location using our map of the world. Sign in and create a profile. This makes it easy to save your favorite resources and opportunities and come back to them as you learn more about what interests you.

2. Read and listen to hopeful climate stories

Everyone’s path looks different and our Regenerative Action blog and our Unconventional Paths podcast are designed to inspire you along the way. We feature people from all walks of life who, despite their non-traditional backgrounds, have figured out how to engage with regeneration in a wide-range of ways. Spoiler Alert: Most people are making it up as they go along!

3. Get help with a climate coach

For those who are looking for more directed guidance, we offer one-on-one Regenerative Climate Coaching with the author Judith D. Schwartz or our Executive Director, Diana Donlon. A fee-for-service offering, our virtual coaching sessions will help you clarify how you can best contribute your skills and talents to creating the conditions for our Earth to heal.

4. Grow your regenerative community as an Ambassador

And, for those looking to build a robust network of mentors and friends in this movement, we suggest applying for our nine-month Regenerative Action Ambassador program.

How to use Soil Centric

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