• Do you feel called to put your energy toward healing nature and our climate, but don’t know where to begin?

  • Are you experiencing climate anxiety, and want to take action instead of be paralyzed by fear?

  • Do you want to bring regenerative principles into your work, or to make a shift in your professional life that reflects your commitment to a livable environment and climate?

  • Do you want to do more for the earth than joining protests or making personal changes, but aren’t sure where to focus?

  • Judy D. Schwartz

    Is an author focused on nature-inspired solutions. You'd be hard pressed to find someone more connected to the regenerative movement.

    Learn more about Judy 
  • Diana Donlon

    Is Co-Founder and Executive Director of Soil Centric. She has a keen eye for recognizing upcoming opportunities and knows that everyone has a place in regeneration.

    Learn more about Diana 
  • Megan W.

    "I got to brainstorm with a person I’d been wanting to meet for quite some time, and as a writer, Judy's notes were creative and motivating."

  • Ben V.

    "Judy was able to ask thoughtful questions which helped me further develop my career path goals. She had numerous recommendations and people in the field she was willing to connect me with."

  • Nicole B.

    "My conversation with Diana was enlightening, delving into opportunities within regenerative agriculture and broader efforts addressing the climate crisis. Her kindness and guidance illuminated new pathways for me to pursue."

  • Rachel D.

    "After having applied to a few jobs in the climate sector with no response, I needed a little boost to keep pushing for this career switch! Judy gave me a feeling of optimism, possibility, and encouragement. She listed several of my skills and mentioned how important those could be in climate related jobs, providing validation of me and my skill set."

  • Katie F.

    "The way Judy guided the
    conversation was really helpful. Her suggestions and thoughts were incredibly on point, and I look forward to digesting them!"

  • Sarah P.

    "I've met with Diana several times and she has helped me find more clarity on classes to take and internships to look into in environmental fields. I am super excited to pursue these opportunities in hopes of having a career that can help solve issues around our changing climate and protecting our environment."

Cost Structure

In order to make Regenerative Climate Coaching sessions available to as many people as possible, Soil Centric offers a flexible cost structure:

  • Established professional: $200.00 per one hour session
  • Non-profit rate: $140.00 per one hour session
  • Student rate: $100.00 per one hour session
  • Pro-bono: sessions are occasionally available

Rates reflect our fixed costs including PayPal and Fiscal Sponsorship fees.

Please note individualized coaching is a fee-for-service and does not qualify as a tax deductible

To book follow up coaching sessions, please email your coach directly.