Regenerative Climate Coaching Sessions

We are joining forces with author Judith D. Schwartz to offer Regenerative Climate Coaching. Here at Soil Centric we've seen an unmet need for a service to help people forge a path to regenerative climate action -- one that is grounded in someone's own talents and aspirations. Soil Centric’s one-on-one virtual coaching program will help you clarify how you can best help create the conditions for our Earth to heal.

Is Regenerative Climate Coaching for you?

  • Do you feel called to put your energy toward healing nature and our climate, but don’t know where to begin?
  • Are you experiencing climate anxiety, and would rather take action than merely sit in the fear?
  • Are you seeking to bring regenerative principles into your work, or to make a shift in your professional life that reflects your commitment to a healthy environment and climate?
  • Do you intuitively know you can do more for the earth than joining protests or making personal changes, but aren’t sure where to put your focus?

Then give it a try!

Cost Structure

In order to make Regenerative Climate Coaching sessions available to as many people as possible, Soil Centric offers a flexible cost structure:

  • Established professional: $200.00 per one hour session
  • Non-profit rate: $140.00 per one hour session
  • Student rate: $100.00 per one hour session
  • Pro-bono: sessions are occasionally available

Rates reflect our fixed costs including PayPal and Fiscal Sponsorship fees. Please note individualized coaching is a fee-for-service and does not qualify as a tax deductible donation.

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To book follow up coaching sessions, please email your coach directly.

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