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Agrarian Degree Program

Wendell Berry Farming Program

Wendell Berry Farming Program

Agrarian Degree Program

The Wendell Berry Farming Program is a two-year program, based in Henry County, Kentucky, providing future farmers with an education in agrarian thought and practice that is holistic and place-based. Run in a partnership between Vermont's Sterling College and The Berry Center, students earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sustainable Agriculture from Sterling College. The curriculum applies Wendell Berry’s writing to learning – and is designed to serve students from generational farm families, rural communities, and urban agrarians around the nation. Students do not pay tuition for the Wendell Berry Farming Program, however, are responsible for room, board and fees.

Soil Centric's Pro Tip

Admission to this 12 student program is highly competitive. Applicants must demonstrate a desire to farm and a commitment to working to strengthen rural communities. Applicants must have completed 60 college credits from an accredited institution when the program begins.

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