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Coastal Grass Farmers

True Grass Farms

True Grass Farms

Coastal Grass Farmers

Located in Tomales, California, True Grass Farms (TGF) is using grazing animals as a tool to regenerate the coastal prairie and oak savanna landscape. As part of this journey TGF is collaborating with Point Blue Conservation Science to monitor their grasslands and grazing protocols.TGF is also part of the California Healthy Soil initiative with over four acres of oak and chestnut silvopasture, a mile of hedgerow for wildlife and pollinator habitat. They've also applied compost on several acres. They raise lamb and beef.

Soil Centric's Pro Tip

True Grass Farmer, Guido Fronsini was featured in "Resilience in Practice" a short film jointly produced by Fibershed and Soil Centric. He is also one of the guiding lights behind Petaluma's "Transhumance Festival," an annual celebration dedicated to reconnecting people to the land. The June festival reintroduces the age-old practice of transhumance--the tradition of moving livestock from one grazing ground to another in a seasonal cycle. This takes the form of local shepherds and land-tenders walking a flock of sheep from the hills of Sonoma County to Steamer Landing Park.The all-day public event includes discussions on regenerative agriculture and watershed health, live music, theater, a local artisan marketplace, and locally-sourced and foraged food. The Transhumance Festival is Soil Centric's favorite agrarian event of the year!

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