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Regenerative Farm in Virginia with Internships

Polyface Farm

Polyface Farm

Regenerative Farm in Virginia with Internships

Located in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, Polyface Farm offers two different educational opportunities: a 5-month "Summer Stewardship" open to six to nine people (fixed dates: May 1 to September 30). Interns are provided with room and board and a small stipend. Application process runs from August 1-11 each year and successful applicants are notified by September 22nd. They also offer the Polyface "Masters Program" open to two interns who have completed the Summer Stewardship. Applicants must commit to a 12-month stay and will receive a salary.

Soil Centric's Pro Tip

You will work very hard if you intern at Polyface, but if you are looking to become a farmer and don't have farming, land or skill in your background then spending a summer at Polyface can help prepare you. Polyface "graduates" have gone on to manage successful farms. That said Polyface has been involved in some controveries lately. (Due to immigration regulatory hurdles this opportunity cannot extend to non-US citizens).

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