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Model Regenerative Farm - in the Ocean!



Model Regenerative Farm - in the Ocean!

GreenWave is a non-profit ocean farmer and fisherman-run organization building a new blue-green economy that creates jobs, mitigates climate change (kelp absorbs hella carbon and helps reduce acidity in the ocean), and grows healthy food for local communities.

They offer a free, two-year farmer-in-training program for aspiring ocean farmers to learn the nuts and bolts of 3D ocean farming (multispecies polyculture that incorporates seaweed and shellfish) and to connect with other folks working toward the same goal.

Soil Centric's Pro Tip

Green Wave's program for aspiring ocean farmers is free, but competitive; Up to ten Farmers-in-training are admitted each year to participate in the Southern New England program.

If selected, you'll receive technical guidance and one-on-one support navigating site selection, permitting, gear types, and planning for seaweed and shellfish farming. You'll also get hands-on trainings focused on seaweed seeding and harvesting techniques, and other aspects of establishing and deploying your own ocean farm.

The goal is for trainees to graduate with a fully operational 3D ocean farm and the knowledge and skills necessary to profitably manage it. Your new career awaits!

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