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Regional Fiber Systems to Build Soil Health



Regional Fiber Systems to Build Soil Health

Like food, clothing fiber comes from the land, either in the form of "fresh" carbon plant and animal sources, or "fossil"carbon petroleum-based synthetic fibers. Fibershed is a non-profit organization unleashing a renaissance of regional fiber systems.This highly thoughtful group is engaged with research, development, and education from "soil to soil,' working with producer communities through Northern California and Fibershed Affiliate communities around the world to activate carbon farming and rebuild regional economies.

Soil Centric's Pro Tip

Fibershed's directory of affiliate producers and their comprehensive calendar of events and activities is a great way to jump right in and engage with an active community of makers who are adding value at every step of the supply chain. The free Fibershed Clothing Guide shares how to make changes through the daily act of getting dressed, and at FibershedMarketplace.com you can directly support an agricultural cooperative of producers invested in improving soil health.

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