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Cooperative Efforts for Ecosystem Restoration

Ecosystem Restoration Camps: Uthai, Thailand

Ecosystem Restoration Camps: Uthai, Thailand

Cooperative Efforts for Ecosystem Restoration

The Ecosystem Restoration Camps network has teamed up with the Thai organization All Green Learning Center to create Uthai Forest, a project to plant a diverse and resilient food forest on 23 hectares of former degraded rice paddies in Uthai Thani north of Bangkok. Designed with nature-deprived city dwellers in mind, the camp offers participants the opportunity to engage in reforestation. The main activities at this camp are planting trees, harvsting and mulching invasive water hyacinth.

The Ecosystem Restoration Camp movement provides a joyous model for self-organized local restoration projects! Founder John D. Liu envisions "a global network of Eco-Camps supporting the emergence of fully-functional, peaceful, abundant, biologically diverse Earth brought about through cooperative efforts for ecological restoration." It' s happening! Click the link below to see the 30+ camps.

Soil Centric's Pro Tip

Camps last about four days during which campers stay in tents and cook over charcoal stoves under an open-air pavillion. Campers are asked to provide 250 Tahi Baht per day (about $8) to cover food, water and transportation.

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