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Cooperative Efforts for Ecosystem Restoration

Ecosystem Restoration Camps: Paradise, California

Ecosystem Restoration Camps: Paradise, California

Cooperative Efforts for Ecosystem Restoration

In November of 2018, the deadliest wildfire in California history destroyed the town of Paradise and its surrounding communities.Camp Paradise emerged as a disaster response camp.It is not a permanent camp in a fixed location but rather takes the form of pop-up camps and ‘action days’, in and around the burn area. Campers join local people for educational experiences in regenerative design, ecological restoration, community organizing and permaculture gardening.

The Ecosystem Restoration Camp movement provides a joyous model for self-organized local restoration projects! Founder John D. Liu envisions "a global network of Eco-Camps supporting the emergence of fully-functional, peaceful, abundant, biologically diverse Earth brought about through cooperative efforts for ecological restoration." It' s happening! Click the link below to see the 30+ camps.

Soil Centric's Pro Tip

Camp Paradise has a vision for a long-term restoration initiative: to create new systems for disaster response. Volunteers at this camp come for roughly nine days at a time to deliver large-scale permaculture action days, mobilizing hundreds of volunteers and Campers.

During an action day, Campers work with local schools, downtown public spaces, businesses and community centers to restore soil and water cycles. Camp Paradise adopts a variety of different ecosystem restoration techniques, including planting fruit trees for food and shade, planting cover crop and native plants, creating earthworks and water systems, and building dry-composting toilets.

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