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Cooperative Efforts for Ecosystem Restoration

Ecosystem Restoration Camps: Altiplano, Spain

Ecosystem Restoration Camps: Altiplano, Spain

Cooperative Efforts for Ecosystem Restoration

Want to help transform a degraded landscape with a diverse group of campers? Members of the Ecosystem Restoration Camps movement come together and camp for varying lengths of time to restore degraded agricultural and natural ecosystems. Altiplano, the first camp in Murcia, Spain, started in May 2017. A steady stream of volunteers have been arriving from an array of countries to help build the camp (there was no infrastructure!) and are transforming what was a desertified field into a diversified ecological settlement.

The Ecosystem Restoration Camp movement provides a joyous model for self-organized local restoration projects! Founder John D. Liu envisions "a global network of Eco-Camps supporting the emergence of fully-functional, peaceful, abundant, biologically diverse Earth brought about through cooperative efforts for ecological restoration." It' s happening! Click the link below to see the 30+ camps.

Soil Centric's Pro Tip

The Ecocamp Movement is for self-starters of all ages and backgrounds who want to engage in direct restoration action and love camping. Unified in the common purpose of restoring degraded land, each camp will differ. It all depends not only on the particular ecosystem but on the skills, talents, and passions of the volunteers who show up.

Know that if you want to join the campers at Camp Altiplano Spain, the current conditions favor those who can tolerate very hot weather in the summer. In September Altiplano Campers host a Re-Generation Festival in conjunction with the nearby Regeneration Academy where revelers enjoy local foods, traditional crafts, and music.

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