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Biggest Little Farm

Apricot Lane Farm

Apricot Lane Farm

Biggest Little Farm

Apricot Lane is a diversified family farm 40 miles north of Los Angeles made famous by "Biggest Little Farm," a film chronicling the farm's regenerative journey.The Los Angeles Times nailed it with this movie review: "The real-life equivalent of an epic pastoral storybook tale that suggests a blueprint for saving the earth." Apricot Lane offers a structured apprenticeship program. They also accept volunteers for the garden and offer occasional farm tours. Their regenerative organic avocado oil can be purchased from their online shop.

Soil Centric's Pro Tip

Watch this movie asap if you need climate hope! It shows you what regeneration looks like every step of the way from a parched, barren, forgotten farm to a soil "sponge" oasis of productivity, pulsing with life. Applications for three paid apprenticeship positions are due in September for a March start date. With a 60-member team, Apricot Lane often has job openings as well.

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