Kelsey's Guide

Meet Kelsey Ducheneaux-Scott, a fourth-generation tribal rancher, who’s part of the 125th generation to steward the Great Plains. Her family owns and operates DX Ranch on the Cheyenne Sioux River Nation in South Dakota.

After receiving her bachelor's degree from South Dakota State University and her master's in integrated resource management from Colorado State University, she returned home to raise her own herd of calves and run DX Beef, a direct-to-consumer, grass-fed beef operation. Kelsey is also the program director for the Intertribal Agriculture Council, a nonprofit dedicated to the conservation and development of Native American agricultural resources.

Our conversation covers what it’s like to grow up ranching, the life lessons she and her family have gleaned from working with horses, and what being a regenerative land steward means. Listen to her interview here or on your favorite podcasting app, and then check out her guide below.

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