Is Your Savings Account Supporting Climate Action?

Here at Soil Centric, we’re always on the lookout for organizations that are supporting regeneration, so we’re excited about our partnership with a climate-positive bank. 

Our new partner ATMOS Financial is offering FDIC-insured savings accounts designed to tackle the climate crisis by investing exclusively in climate positive infrastructure. 

Money in an ATMOS account will help fund the transition to renewable energy, electric transportation, and, yes, regenerative agriculture! And, unlike a lot of banks, ATMOS won’t fund fossil fuels, factory farming or other extractive pursuits.

If you open an FDIC-insured savings account with ATMOS, your money will only support climate solutions and you’ll get up to 10x the national average in interest. And, if you pick Soil Centric as your non-profit partner, we’ll get a monthly donation helping us to diversify our funding stream and increase our impact. It’s a win-win just like regenerative agriculture!

If you’re able to open a savings account, please use this link, and connect your new account to Soil Centric. (There are no minimum balances requirements and no monthly fees). It’s a great way to earn more money on your savings, creating the conditions for regeneration to take root while showing the financial markets that you care about what your money is doing out there!
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