Guides to Get You started

Guiding Resources

In addition to our app, we’ve created a few tools to help you on your path to climate action. You can follow them in order or jump around:

  1. Familiarize yourself with Regenerative Agriculture by checking out the Regen 101 Guide below.
  2. Get inspired by following the paths of people who’ve made a pivot to regeneration! Listen to our “Unconventional Paths” podcast and check out their guides below.
  3. Download our Regenerative Action Planner worksheet to help align your skills and interests with our opportunities.

There are many different ways to get started, the most important thing is that you do!

Guides to Help You Find Your Path to Regeneration

Use these guides to learn how others discovered regeneration and pivoted their careers and skill sets to join the movement.

Take the Next Step on Your Path

The Regenerative Action Planner is a step by step worksheet to help identify the role you can play in regenerating our Earth.