Christine's Guide

Meet Christine Su, she’s a senior product manager at Twitter, leading the charge on conversational safety. Christine has had a long career in regenerative agriculture—she’s worked on farms in Japan and New Zealand, has degrees from Stanford in agribusiness and land use, and most notably, is the founder and former CEO of PastureMap, a tech company that helps ranchers connect with their land and track their grazing patterns.

In her first interview since selling PastureMap, Christine shares with us her excitement at embracing her activist side now that she’s not representing a company. We talk about the founder burnout she experienced and how she’s pivoted over time to find a place in regenerative agriculture that fits her identity.

Our conversation spans her Evangelical upbringing, New Zealand’s wide acceptance of reparations for Maori people, and how to make regenerative ag more accessible.

Listen to her interview here or on your favorite podcasting app, and then check out her guide below.

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